Creek Meadows

Living in Creek Meadows means never being far from fun. You can break for some fun at the local Amenity Center, or connect with nature on acres of Walking Trails and wooded habitat.

The Creek Meadows master plan devotes areas to recreational activities, recreation and playground areas, swimming, sports fields and more. All Creek Meadows neighborhoods and amenities are connected by inviting greenbelt trails, which are popular spots for jogging, biking and rollerblading.

Creek Meadows website:


Creek Meadows Amenity Center Offers:

  • Recreation area
  • Playground area
  • Swimming area
  • Sports Fields
  • Picnic area
  • 20 ft. x 40 ft. Pool
  • Workout Room


Parks And Greenbelts

The parks of Creek Meadows provide neighborhood pocket parks, where you can amble over with a book or stroller, to our neighborhood recreation center. Creek Meadows has a growing network of greenbelt trails, making it possible to jog, bike or rollerblade between neighborhoods and recreational facilities in the community. Creek Meadows also has a series of unique Walking Trails with over 17 acres acres of woodland habitat and Parks.