Realtor Information

  • Oakwood Custom Homes Group, LTD. Realtor Co-Op Policy:
    3% to member brokers based on the location of the subject property.
  • Agents must meet the following requirements:
    • Realtor/Broker Licensed in Texas.
    • Realtor/Broker must present an acceptably executed contract.
    • Realtor/Broker must accompany client to Oakwood Custom Homes and/or present Oakwood Custom Homes a buyer representation agreement by fax, email, letter, or in person within 48 hours of showing or visit.
  • Buyer must accept Realtor/Broker as their representative in the transaction. Telephone registrations will not be recognized as an official notice of buyer representation.
  • Sales commission will be based on initial contract price of the home.
    • The sales commission will not be based on:
      • Change orders after contract.
      • Allowance overages.
      • Price of the lot if customer has purchased the lot.